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Thursday, September 4, 2008

VA0020: Chessboard


*Lovvve the mini checks in black and white :) Then there's that adorable big bow behind that comes all the way from the front. Hee*
*Attached sash, back zipper, shoulder pads*
*Fits XS-big M (Uk4-Uk10)*

VA0019: Back to School


*Inspired by the school shirt, bring the inner tomboy in you out :) Similiar to the BF shirt that's all the rage right now. Only this one comes once and once only and there's no other. All thanks to vintage!*
*One front pocket, buttons all the way down to hemline*
*Fits XS-big M (UK4-UK10)*

VA0018: Gingham Galore

*Printed with the gingham design all over. Very Audrey Hepburn design of a dress*
*Side zipper, clincher not included*
*Fits XS-small L (UK4-UK10)*

VA0017: Bubbly Polkas

*Oh cuteee! Cutest design of white polkas. Similiar to bubbles, yes? :D Very funky and retro*
*Clincher not included, slits at both sides of bottom hemline, back zipper*
*Fits XS-small L (Uk4-UK10)*

VA0016: Wilted Forest


*A mixture of the most special and unique colours :) Another floral design*
*Ribbon at the neckline, buttons in front up till the waist, sash not included*
*Fits XS-L (Uk4-Uk12)*

VA0015: Tribal Fetish

*Have a thing for tribal prints? This is it. Looks very ethnic doesn't it? Has a nice cultural twist to it*
*Shoulder padding, buttons in front all the way to bottom, sash not included*
*Fits XS-small L(UK4-UK10)*

VA0014: Floral Affair

*Drop dead stunning design of colourful flowers! Yellow tulips, pink carnations and purple lavender meshed so beautifully in this dress :)*
*Stretchable waistband, buttons in front up till the waist*
*Fits XS-L(UK4-UK12)*

VA0013: Lavender

*Gorgeous roses accompanied with purple splashes. Ribbon at the neckline is cute too :D*
*Sash not included, buttons down the front up till the waistline*
*Fits XS-small L(UK4-UK10)

VA0012: Butterfly Blues

*Butterfly sleeves make this piece look extremely feminine :) Mini ruffles at the cuffs and neckline in white. Very casual and picnic-like yes?*
*Comes with deattachable string*
*Fits XS-small L(UK4-UK10)*

VA0011: Paisley Victoria

*Love the paisley design at the collar and backsash! Very vintage and unique, with the awesome colour of charcoal grey too*
*Lining underneath, shoulder pads, attached backsash(designed as well)*
*Small stain at the collar(haven't tried washing), buttons at the bottom are missing*
*Fits XS-small L(UK4-UK10)